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High Rise Condo Management


At Brickell Property Management Inc., we offer a hands-on approach to your High Rise Condominium association, listening and collaborating with your Board, in order to realize your vision. We select a highly committed permanent staff for your property who will offer your association high standards of excellence and a commanding level of attention. From the smallest lobby detail to the most serious structural maintenance issues, we are focused on providing the highest level of service to your residents.

We offer a wide variety of high-rise property management services, including:
• Maintaining common areas
• Performing frequent property inspections and implementing a work order system with smart phones and tablet technologies
• Coordinating all routine maintenance and repair
• Training, development and supervision of on-site personnel
• Preparing bid specifications
• Monitoring vendors and contractor performance
• Enforcing CC&Rs and Rules & Regulations
• Obtaining insurance and overseeing claims processing
• Custom Emergency and Asset Manuals
• Community website tools

Administrative Services
We offer a complete package of administrative services that will help your community operate smoothly and efficiently.

Files & Records Management – Wellorganized and maintained records.

Organize Board & Member Meetings – Preparation and disseminate notices, agendas, and all other pertinent documents for such meetings as set forth by the Florida Statutes.

Enforcement of Governing Documents – Communicate with owners to resolve violations. Implement a violation policy and procedure so that everyone is treated equally and fairly

Architectural Modifications – Handle and process all architectural modification applications as instructed by the board or architectural committee.

Common Area – Improved appearance of common areas through regular inspections and regular communication with residents to identify key areas of concern.

Vendor Management – Work with board to review vendor proposals and bids to the board, negotiate a contract with the board’s choice, and monitor the performance of the hired vendor.

Financial & Accounting Services
Gain peace of mind with financial guidance and reporting from our experienced staff and state of the art financial systems.

Financial Reports – Receive timely and accurate reports every month on an accrual basis. We include a profit and lost statement with budgeted vs. actual figures, monthly check detail for easy review and comparison with expenses, and delinquent receivables report.

Budgeting Process – Prepares the preliminary budget for the coming year for the Association’s annual budget meeting. We then incorporate all changes approved by the Board and provide the Association with a final budget, including reserve schedules.

Delinquency Assessment – Monthly notification to owners and the Board of any delinquent accounts. Establish collections process including demand notices and legal action.

Owner Payment Options – Residents make assessment payments by mailing checks directly to the lock-box, paying online through revopayments.com with credit card or “e-check”, or setting up automatic debit from the owner’s checking account.
Management Transition Services

Smooth & Efficient Transitions – We take great pride in offering a quick transition period from your previous management company. All owner files are quickly uploaded and communication with residents begins immediately. (There is no charge for transition related expenses)